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New Job, New Adventures

It has been a while since I  have last posted anything and for a reason. The last year or so has been wasted in trying to finish my MBA studies and I’m happy to report no real advances on that front. So basically I have started my thesis from scratch, again, and will continue to see if I ever pass.

In other news, I have gotten a job as the marketing manager of a video game developer! Yay, awesome, and this thing seems to be working out fine so far. Of course it is going to take some time getting used to and a couple of months to work out the kinks, but in the end I’m sure it will be worth it plus some.

So hope to keep this account more active in the future again and maybe with some more video game related posts.


Larry David reinvents sitcoms even before the Seinfeld “reunion” show.

The season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm will air on the 22ndof Nov on HBO and will likely be one of the biggest things in TV lately. This is of course due to the return of the infamous Seinfeld gang in something vaguely resembling a reunion show.

Still the second to last episode (#69 The Table Read) was simply a stunning piece of comedy and almost had to be watched immediately again. I’m sure fans of all kinds are excited about this new episode of an old friend and it remains to be seen if the new installment comes even close to the actual Seinfeld finale that is still remembered well by many.

Even the Michael Richards stand up issue is very well parodied in episode 69 and lets the audience like Kramer again.

Thesis time


So I have now been working for who knows how long on my thesis project and everything else in the world has failed to get my attention. So much so that I even forgot to pay my tuition to my university and will like have to go on a hunger strike in front of the main building just to get my credits back.

Anyway I’m doin my thesis about Online Video Environments and if you would possibly like to help out the survey is available here.

Hopefully this will change the way we look at online video or at least give me a passing grade.

Google Ketchup is easy 3D for all


This reasonably new 3D modeling program from Google seems to be another winner from a company hell bent on eventual world domination… In a good way it seems.

The Google SketchUp, as it is really called, allows a user to easily create 3D models with almost as easy to use interface as that of original MS paint. It just requires you to watch the basic instructions in the form of a youtube video for each subject matter (about 40 all-in-all) and then you are pretty much and expert user.

The unique Google-esque addition is the possibility to add real life textures easily to your own houses 3d mock-up and then upload your model to Google Earth for everybody to see. So this is how they planned to fill all of the buildings on earth… user created content hmmm.

Nokia N97 so far…


Here is a little list of sites and news related to the N97 launch. Just launch related advertising

A nice and informative piece on that really shows how the device wants to be on the cutting edge, but doesn’t even say if you can watch the TED shows on the N97. Also something about the new TED translations, but not really related.

Qik blog: Streaming online from the N97

Here Qik is showing how the newly redesigned live streaming software will work on the N97. Looks pretty nice and apparently the program is pre-installed in the phone so you can start live video right after unboxing it.

Nokia Nseries blog : Facebook integration demo

The official Nseries brand-blog has something to say except mostly the same regular information and imminently biased reviews. Still this clip about their Facebook application shows how well popular third party apps have been finalized.

Bangalore blogger event: N97 buzz in India

Oh yeah, and also this blogger event from Bangalore, so not too much real buzz around the launch so far…

South Park Studios being messed with


Shaheen vs. Susan and the power of Youtube


Britain’s Got Talent has started its newest season with a big bang and this time it’s going global by the power of Youtube.

Susan Boyle became an instant sensation after the first week of auditions and started a whirlwind in the blogosphere and pretty much in all of the old medias also.

Her youtube video has gotten 33 million hits to the current moment and that’s about a weeks worth of buzz so far.

Another sensation who is sure to get at least almost as much attention is a young 12 year old named Shaheen Jafargoli. He was first stopped by Simon Cowell for apparently not picking the right song. Directly after that he went on to wow the audience even more and even Simon got on board this time.

See the two hype worthy competitors on your friendly neighborhood youtube site and only on youtube itself since it seems that embedding of these videos is banned. Maybe the owners didn’t want it to spread even more than it already has on the internets, but still embedding is our livelyhood and we needs to keep it free. Please remember to share kids.

All in all I really think this kind of success is just tell tale signs of the next shift in internet tv, in which access to media is instantaneous. I mean, numbers like 33 million viewers wouldn’t be as cool if this had aired months later globally, like in the good old days.